Loyalty cards launched on VKontakte

The team of the VKontakte social network announced a large-scale restart of the VK Checkback service. Now one gadget combines discounts and cashback for online and offline purchases.

One of the main innovations is that loyalty cards have appeared in VK Checkback, which helps to accumulate points or receive discounts. At the moment, loyalty cards from the Metro shopping center chain are available. However, in the future, the appearance of cards from other partners of "VKontakte" is planned. Users can add a card or issue a new one without a plastic counterpart, and then get a discount in the store, even if the physical card is lost or left at home.

Cashback from purchases is also available at VK Checkback - for this, you need to scan QR codes from checks. Also, users can get stickers or win 3 million rubles. Coupons "VK Checkback" can be used for purchases in different categories - "Games", "Food", "Travel" and others.

"VK Checkback" is available on the " Services " tab. VKontakte initially launched Checkback in 2018. Then, using the service, users could scan receipts and return part of the funds for purchases.

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