Lunar mission Artemis 1 release benefits

Artemis 1 is a key mission for humans to return to the moon, but in this mission, all humans can get a benefit: sending information to the iPad stationed in the Orion spacecraft. NASA has specially equipped a camera to broadcast the information received on the iPad so that you can pass the information to other people living on the earth in this way.

A key mission of Artemis 1 is the uncrewed test of the SLS rocket and the Orion spacecraft. The Orion spacecraft was equipped with the iPad during a demonstration of its Callisto technology, which is designed to test human-machine interfaces in space.

The hardware itself is relatively simple basically an iPad. But it's not Siri they're testing it's actually Amazon's Alexa. The iPad is just a better piece of hardware for testing. The goal is to see how digital assistants like Alexa can make life easier and more efficient for astronauts during deep space travel. They will also test Cisco's Webex for audio and video calls.

It is very simple to send a message in Orion to show up on the iPad, but it may not be selected. Lockheed Martin which is running the experiment has the final say on what information is and isn't displayed.

Submitting the information displayed on the iPad is as simple as going to the Callisto website and scrolling down to the Send a Message to Callisto section. You can enter your message (up to 120 characters) along with your name and email. If selected, your information and name will be displayed on the Orion spacecraft during this historic Artemis 1 mission.

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