Maimai fired employees for absenteeism

Recently, the legal documents of the first instance of the labor dispute between Maimai affiliated company Beijing Taoyou Tianxia Technology Co., Ltd. and Mr. Tang were released. The document shows that in October 2021, Taoyou Tianxia Company terminated the labor contract with Tang on the grounds of "a total of 9 absenteeisms from June to August 2021". Later, Tang filed an arbitration application, and Taoyou Tianxia Company was ruled to pay compensation and not pay. Pay for annual leave and issue a resignation certificate for Tang. Taoyou Tianxia Company refused to accept some of the arbitration results and filed a lawsuit.

The court found that Taoyou Tianxia Company did not submit sufficient and valid evidence to prove that Tang was absent from work, which was an illegal termination of the labor contract , and should pay compensation of more than 227,000 yuan; Taoyou Tianxia Company stated that Tang did not handle the job handover, not refusing to issue a resignation certificate The reasonable defense grounds confirmed that Taoyou Tianxia Company should issue a resignation certificate for Tang. In the end, the court ruled that Taoyou Tianxia Company should issue a resignation certificate to Tang Mou, and pay compensation for the illegal termination of the labor contract, as well as unpaid annual leave wages totaling more than 240,000 yuan.

In June 2022, Maimai was reported to have laid off 30% of its employees on Weibo's hot search. It is understood that Maimai App, launched in October 2013, is a real-name workplace social platform, where job seekers can expand their contacts, communicate and cooperate, and apply for jobs. Fenghuangwang Technology has previously reported that Maimai compensated Baidu for 250,000 yuan due to platform users who fabricated Baidu’s work meal during the epidemic.

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