Many users find that Spotify is automatically installed on Microsoft Windows 11/10 computers

According to many user reports on social media platforms, the streaming media application Spotify is automatically installed on Windows 10 and Windows 11 computers without warning or notification. It is unclear whether it was a bug or intentional by Microsoft, etc.

Some users also left negative reviews on the Microsoft Store, giving them 1 star and asking Microsoft to explain how the app was automatically installed on their systems. It's unclear how the app was installed on Windows devices. It is not expected to be Spotify, since the Windows Store is controlled by Microsoft. Due to a bug in the system, Microsoft may have accidentally pushed the app to PC devices through its app store.

However, it could also be a new feature that Microsoft is testing. Microsoft does have ultimate control over "rented" apps, that is, apps downloaded from the App Store. Microsoft Corp. uses the same mechanism to automatically install Candy Crush Saga and other apps.

When a user installs any app from the Windows Store, the store is granted access to the device, and Microsoft can also uninstall the app remotely.

Even if the Spotify app is installed on a Windows 10 / Windows 11 device without explicit permission, users can uninstall it at any time and it will not be downloaded or installed again. That being said, many users are still unhappy that Microsoft is downloading apps onto their systems without their consent.

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