"Marvel's Avengers" Update Tomorrow, Female Thor Jane Foster Joins

According to Sony Playstation official news, "Marvel Avengers" will be updated tomorrow, and the female Thor Jane Foster will join as another "Marvel Avengers" operable character.

According to reports, Jane was separated from the timeline of the parallel world due to the space-time rift caused by the tachyon anomaly. In her original timeline, Jane became the goddess of Thor from the moment she took over the mantle of Thor, who gave up Thor's Hammer in pain since the A-Day tragedy.

Jane's unique talent for Quake begins with the new instinct "All-Mother's Blessing" and the new overload "God Tempest". All-Mother's Blessing builds up its Overload Gauge with melee attacks, and when full, she unleashes God Tempest, which increases ranged hammer damage and creates a shockwave on every hit. In addition to her god-like fighting abilities, Jane has a variety of outfits, all inspired by comics. She also has unique knockdowns, emotes, badges, and exclusive hero challenge cards and questlines. These all net you special rewards, including exclusive skins and intel files that delve deeper into its story.

The "Thor 4: Love and Thunder" movie will be released on July 8, in which the female Thor, played by Natalie Portman, meets Thor with a cracked hammer.

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