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Meet Telemoji: Telegram's new emoji platform in version 8.9

Telegram launches version 8.9 of the popular messaging app and introduces Telemoji, the company's new and upgraded emoji platform, designed to upgrade the experience of using emoji with the transition to vector-based animated emoji of higher quality and animation ability, along with improvements More intended mainly for premium Telegram subscribers.

Many users may notice that version 8.9 of Telegram arrives at an uncharacteristic time compared to the distribution of previous versions of the company, which according to a post by Pavel Durov, the founder of Telegram, was caused by Apple's reluctance to approve the new version for the App Store and a demand to remove the new Telemoji platform even before it was officially launched. According to Dorov, this led to a delay, which was resolved only after he flooded the problem on the various networks.

Telegram's new and open Telemoji platform takes the standard emojis we've become accustomed to using in recent years and massively upgrades them with the move to vector-based graphics, with the ability to add user-customized emojis along with support for the emoji feature The interactive ones of Telegram.

At the current stage, all users will be able to activate the new emojis, but only Telegram Premium users will be able to send them when they will also receive 10 new emoji packs with 500 new emojis in total.

Another change that comes in the new version 8.9 and is also intended for premium users only is improved privacy control in Telegram, with the option to control the ability to receive audio and video messages in Telegram from other users.

Premium users will be able to choose from whom to receive such messages from all users, from contacts only, or from none, when users will be able to exclude people or groups from the options "all users" and "no one" in order to continue receiving or block specific users or groups.

The company even added a new option to existing premium subscribers, so that they can give a premium Telegram subscription as a gift to other users, with the option of sending a 3, 6, or 12-month subscription as a gift at a reduced price (not specified), this compared to a regular monthly subscription that costs NIS 16.90 in Israel.

Finally, Telegram continues to add interactive animated emojis that react to users' clicking on them with animation, this time adding animations to the following emojis: 🍌,🤨,⚡️,💔,🏆,😐.

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