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Meituan iOS Version 12.8.402 Launched with Real-time Activities and Smart Island Adaptation

Meituan, one of China's leading e-commerce platforms, has recently launched the official iOS version 12.8.402. The new version brings real-time activities and smart island adaptation, allowing users to track the progress of their takeaway delivery in real-time. The launch has been highly anticipated by netizens, who have been waiting for this feature for quite some time.

Meituan has been expanding its services to provide comprehensive solutions to users, including food, food delivery, e-commerce, hotels, tourism, movies, KTV, air tickets, train tickets, car washing, and maintenance. With the latest update, Meituan's food delivery app now supports smart island adaptation, making it easier for users to keep track of their orders.

Real-time Events on iOS Lock Screen and Smart Island

Since the launch of iOS 16.1, Apple has brought real-time events on the lock screen and richer support for the iPhone 14 Pro Smart Island. This feature allows users to view the latest information from frequently used apps, such as when their taxi arrives or the latest football score, without unlocking their device.

For catering applications like Meituan, this means that users can view their order status and other relevant information directly from the lock screen or Smart Island. If users unlock their iPhone 14 Pro, the live activity information will also appear on the Smart Island.

Netizens Praise Meituan's Latest Update

Netizens have praised Meituan's latest update for its real-time activities and smart island adaptation. They have also applauded the platform's commitment to providing comprehensive services to users, making it easier for them to manage their daily activities.

Many users have reported that the new feature has made it more convenient to track their takeaway delivery progress, saving them time and effort. They have also praised Meituan for continuously improving its services and keeping up with the latest technological trends.

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