Mercedes-Benz has introduced a huge wheeled air purifier

Mercedes-Benz has unveiled the Sustaineer concept car. The car itself is not particularly interesting here, as it is a regular electric van eSprinter. Conceptuality is different. The bottom line is that the Sustaineer is actually a huge, portable air purifier. There is a fine filter in the front and on the bottom, a solar panel on the roof, components made from recycled materials, and a heating system located next to the body.

Air quality is a key factor in the quality of life in urban areas. In addition to CO 2 emissions, road traffic also causes significant particulate matter pollution. The Sustaineer has a number of new features designed to further minimize the formation of particles caused by tire, brake, and asphalt wear. These include two fine filters developed in collaboration with filtration specialists MANN + HUMMEL, low-emission, low-wear cast iron brake discs and tires optimized for rolling resistance and therefore low noise and wear.

The underbody fine filter is located in the rear axle area. This is where one of the highest concentrations of particulate matter can be found in the immediate vicinity of a vehicle. The passive filter traps particles picked up by a moving van and other vehicles. The optimized air duct system provides the best cleaning effect. The filter must be replaced once a year.

A second filter is integrated into the front module and works in conjunction with the existing exhaust fan to filter the air from small particles. This means that it not only purifies the air using the airflow around the vehicle while driving but also filters out particulate matter from the surrounding air when the vehicle is moving at low speed or charging while stationary. Additionally, the vehicle is equipped with a fine particle sensor. This allows the concentration of small particles in the air to be measured and the filtration level adjusted accordingly to maintain a given condition. It also allows the vehicle to be used as a mobile monitoring station. The filter elements are easily removed and replaced with annual service.

The front module and under-body filters reduce emissions of fine particulate matter in the immediate vicinity of the vehicle up to ten micrometers (PM10) by more than 35-50% while charging and 15% while driving. The efficiency of the filtration system increases even more with higher levels of particulate contamination. This means that in urban areas with lower air quality, much more fine particles can be filtered.

In addition, Sustaineer offers other green technologies. There are a lot of recycled parts, an energy-efficient heating system (for example, a heated seat belt), a silent automatic side door, and so on.

The German auto giant did not say anything about the plans for the production of such cars but noted that the concept was created with the expectation of large-scale production.

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