Mercedes EQE: The 100% electric E-Class has arrived


Mercedes has been making it clear to us for some time that it is preparing a complete family of electric models inaugurated some time ago with the EQ C, and that also includes the part of the saloons, where the recent Mercedes EQS and its recently presented version AMG EQS have come with the enthusiasm of showing Tesla how to make a good premium electric saloon.

However, the list of novelties for the Munich Motor Show that starts today has not stopped there, but Mercedes has also wanted to reinforce its family underneath with a more accessible model, that long-awaited electric Mercedes E-Class that had been waiting for a long time. and that we can finally know. Say hello to the new Mercedes EQE.

A "lite version" of the Mercedes EQS

From the first glance, it is clear that this EQE has inherited many of the keys to the EQS, albeit in a slightly more compact format, presenting itself with a 3,120 mm wheelbase (90 mm shorter than that of the EQS), which nevertheless from the outside it is just as big as a CLS. These similarities begin to be appreciated by a fairly similar design, which maintains the Purpose Design philosophy of the Mercedes EQ, although with small differences in the shape of its headlights.

Its bulging wheel arches, its smooth silhouette, the descending roofline, and taillights with LED technology that are connected to each other and, therefore, extend the width of the entire rear, are other main details of This model also differentiated by its new 19 to 21-inch multi-spoke wheels. Like its older brother, it was also born from the EVA2 platform.

The habitability of an S-Class with the technology of an EQS

This new specific base for 100% electric models means that, despite being slightly shorter than an E-Class, it offers a much greater interior space that is even equivalent to that of an S-Class. And the space at shoulder height has grown 27 mm compared to its combustion relative, and the length of the passenger compartment is about 80 mm. The seating position is 65mm higher, allowing for more visibility, while the boot, despite not being a hatch, offers up to 430 liters.

In fact, beyond these new dimensions, the interior is shown, at the level of design and technology practically identical to that of an EQS, highlighting here also the famous MBUX Hyperscreen (optionally here) that encompasses the multiple touch screens framed within the same glass structure. Likewise, it seems that the double-spoke steering wheel that debuted in the E-Class will also make an appearance in this 100% electric model. Other interesting details at the service of the driver will be biometric authentication and navigation through augmented reality.

There will also be a complete arsenal of driving assistance systems with new features such as the additional warning of the danger of micro-dreams from the Attention Assist team, capable of analyzing the driver's blinks to analyze fatigue at the wheel.

General characteristics of the Mercedes EQE

  • Length: 4.94 meters

  • Width: 1.96 meters

  • Height: 1.51 meters

  • Battle: 3.12 meters

  • Weight: ND

  • Trunk: 430 liters

  • Engines: EQE 350 (215 kW electric motor)

  • Changes: ND

  • Price: ND

Up to 660 km of autonomy

At the mechanical level, Mercedes has presented this EQS with a single version for the moment, the EQE 350, which has a single electric motor that offers 215 kW ( 292 hp ) of power and 530 Nm of maximum torque with rear-wheel drive, although it does more interesting will be its 660 km WLTP range thanks to a 90.6 kWh lithium-ion battery. This model will be accompanied by another of which Mercedes has not given details, and later other more powerful versions and 4MATIC total contraction will land, and even AMG versions as in the EQS.

Another of the most noteworthy aspects will be a fast DC charge that will allow you to go from 10 to 80% battery in just 31 minutes.

Mercedes EQE range and prices

The Mercedes EQE will be presented in society at this Munich Motor Show in 2021, an event where, in addition to debuting the first AMG of the EQ family, it has also made it a long-awaited EQG in Concept version, and the luxurious Mercedes-Maybach EQS SUV. Its production will start in mid-2022 in Europe and in 2023 in the Chinese market, one of its great bets. Nothing is known about the price yet, but since it will rival the Tesla Model S, it is expected to start from 70,000 euros.

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