Mercedes EQS includes a 55-inch screen


Mercedes unveiled the interior of the upcoming EQS electric sedan with a huge 55-inch screen in the in-car user experience center. The EQS is an important vehicle for Mercedes, as it features the latest in electric and autonomous technology, and its new electric vehicle will be the pioneer in the luxury car segment against the Model S from Tesla. The German carmaker is fully unveiling the production version of the EQS in a few weeks, but has now revealed the interior.

(Gorden Wagener), chief design officer of the Daimler Group, commented on the revelations: With EQS, we have created a completely new generation of luxury cars, and based on our approach to sensual purity, we create the desire by combining beautiful attractive sculpture with the most advanced proportion .

Key features such as single-arc design and fully integrated design give the EQS its sporty and progressive appearance, and that's what sets it apart from any other vehicle we've ever built and that's what makes the EQS so exceptional.

In the center of the cabin is a massive 141 centimeter (55 in) screen that wraps around the entire dashboard. Called MBUX Hyperscreen, this new screen is so important that it was unveiled earlier this year, but we can now see it in the context of the entire interior design of the EQS.

Mercedes describes the EQS roughly as a living being with senses and organs powered by artificial intelligence, and she said: The EQS is not only a car that appeals to all human senses, but as an exceptionally intelligent vehicle, it also has many senses.


Depending on the equipment, up to 350 sensors of various kinds are used as sensory organs throughout the vehicle. The sensors measure distances, speeds, acceleration, lighting conditions, precipitation, temperatures, seat occupancy, as well as the driver's eyelid movements or passenger language. This information is processed by controllers controlled by algorithms, and decisions are made at lightning speed. And the new EQS can expand its capabilities based on new experiences, because it is able to learn thanks to artificial intelligence. The automaker listed some examples of how and where AI is improving the customer experience:

The optional driving sound is interactive and interacts with dozens of different parameters, such as throttle position, speed or payback, the choice of the driving program also affects the driving sound, the intelligent sound design algorithms calculate the sounds in the amplifier of the Burmester surround sound system in real time, and the speakers reproduce them.

The Activation Coach recommends one of the comfort activation programs, which is freshness, warmth, vitality or joy depending on the situation and individual, and if the Garmin vívoactive 3 smartwatch, Garmin Venu smartwatch or other Garmin wearable is linked, personal values, such as: Level Stress, or sleep quality, improves the accuracy of the recommendation.

MBUX proactively displays the right functions to the user at the right time, context-sensitive awareness is continuously improved through changes in the surrounding environment and user behavior, and the zero-layer provides dynamic and aggregate content to the user from the entire MBUX system, and hence its associated services, the MBUX Interior assistant recognizes requests Playback based on movements.

Mercedes has also introduced a new head-up display with a 77-inch field of view, and the German automaker has added its HEPA filter inside the electric sedan. As part of the optional equipment, a HEPA filter cleans the incoming outdoor air with an extremely high filtration level. More than 99.65 percent of particles of all sizes are removed, and around 600 grams of activated charcoal is used to neutralize odors. The exterior design and specifications are expected to be fully revealed on April 15, and the car will reach the market by the end of the year.

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