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Mercedes Launches 'Becoming... One of Us' Campaign: A Focus on Employee Development and Potential

Mercedes-Benz, a leading luxury car manufacturer, has launched a new international employer branding campaign under the motto "Becoming... One of Us." The campaign, which aims to position the company as an attractive employer in the job market, emphasizes the importance of employee development and potential in achieving success for the company.

"More than 160,000 applicants in 2022 in Germany alone show: Mercedes-Benz not only builds desirable cars but is also a sought-after employer," said Sabine Kohleisen, Member of the Board of Management of Mercedes-Benz Group AG, Human Resources & Labour Director. "We underline this with our new employer branding campaign in which we focus on people and their individual development. 'Together for excellence' is a promise to our workforce, which delivers top performance."

Key Aspects of the Campaign

The campaign focuses on personal development and lifelong learning opportunities, with an emphasis on a culture of respectful cooperation and appreciation based on integrity, diversity, and sustainability. Mercedes-Benz has set a goal of filling 30% of senior management positions with qualified women by 2030, and the current Management Board is already 37.5% female.

Flexibility and a good work-life balance are also prioritized in the campaign. The company offers hybrid work options and various worktime models, such as part-time work, job sharing, and sabbaticals, as well as childcare at all major German locations. Employees of the Mercedes-Benz Group in Germany and participating subsidiaries will also have the opportunity to work from different European countries for a few weeks a year for personal reasons.

Investment in Employee Wellness

In addition to providing development opportunities, Mercedes-Benz also heavily invests in the health of its workforce. In 2022, the company implemented numerous health programs and preventive measures worth 6.6 million euros in Germany alone. The company also offers attractive salaries that are partially above the average for respective positions.

Invitation to Join the Team

The campaign invites prospects to become part of the 170,000-strong Mercedes-Benz team, made up of nearly 150 nationalities worldwide. The visual language of the campaign focuses on people and their varied personalities and attributes, with the sky symbolizing the company's connection to all individuals worldwide regardless of age, origin, gender, religion, or sexual orientation.

"Becoming... a Pioneer," "Becoming... Your Best Self," and "Becoming... One of Us" are the sub-themes of the campaign, inviting individuals to discover the diverse development opportunities available at Mercedes-Benz.

In conclusion, Mercedes-Benz's new employer branding campaign, "Becoming... One of Us," highlights the company's commitment to employee development and potential, flexible work options, and a culture of appreciation and respect. With a strong focus on equal opportunity, sustainability, and investment in employee wellness, the campaign positions the company as an attractive employer for current and future employees.

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