Mercedes showed the utility Citan in a residential form


The concept of a commercial vehicle already has a bit of a smell of work, which quite rapidly reduces its attractiveness. And now imagine a disguised Renault Kangoo in a robe and the price of a Mercedes Citan Can this work? But certainly, especially in the residential variant, for which there is now a very high demand.

The new generation of the Mercedes Citan celebrated its debut only recently, however, (almost) no one knew yet what trump card the German manufacturer had hidden in his sleeve. The Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf showed a variant that almost everyone would jump for.

The fresh Citan was also presented in a residential design with modules from the German company VanEssa. As a result, the somewhat boring user (the model is built on a personal version of Citan) became a practical double partner with plenty of storage space and a removable kitchenette.

In recent years, they had reached Caravans, modules, conversions, and other living tweaks same popularity as Abba or the Rolling Stones, so it is not surprising that the formation of mobile studio flats already turning themselves into automakers.

At the same time, the mobile hotel from Mercedes is not overly large it measures almost 4.5 meters in length and has a wheelbase of slightly over 2.7 meters. It is thus a compact alternative to the larger Marco Polo residential variants of the Vito and V-Class models.

The rear kitchen module has an integrated gas stove, sink, 13-liter water tank, refrigerator with a capacity of 31 liters, and an army of various drawers, tables, and spaces for pots, pans, or cutlery. The fully removable installation with the possibility of color personalization weighs about 60 kilograms and, if necessary, you can easily dismantle it and use the Citan as a normal personal utility vehicle.

Equally interesting is the sleeping system, which includes a folding bed for two adult adventurers. The high-quality mattress covers the space above the kitchen and the rear folded seats and creates a loading area of ​​1.89 meters long and 1.15 meters wide.

You can still (theoretically) see Camping Citan in person if you come to Düsseldorf at the Caravan Salon 2021, which ends on 5 September. The mentioned model is so far only a sample prototype, it should not really reach the market until next year.

However, if you own a twin Kangoo and the first Citan or Nissan NV250 taken from it, don't despair. VanEssa also offers a sleeping unit for these older types, for 1,295 euros, which is slightly over 33,000 crowns. The offer also includes a kitchenette for 1,945 euros (less than 50,000) or a combination of both for 2,990 euros (approx. 76,500 CZK).

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