Message Hide Mode accesses WhatsApp users on iPhones

The WhatsApp application has been spotted working on a new feature called hide mode for iOS users that focus on privacy, as it was monitored by the WABetaInfo website that specializes in tracking the latest WhatsApp news, but this feature is not yet available to the public, but It may be rolled out soon.

According to the website, when this feature is enabled, it will allow users to send hidden messages with new chats, and this is because the platform already provides support to enable the disappearance of messages through chat, but this is only after the chat has already started, and this can be done via Contact / Group Information> Messages Disappeared.

The upcoming Disappearing Mode support will be added under App Settings> Privacy, and at the moment, the Disappearing Message function provides support for message fading after 7 days, however, there have been reports that WhatsApp has been providing support for 24 hours as a hidden message window as well.

This was spotted last month by WABetaInfo, which claimed that this feature will be rolled out to iOS, Android, and Web / Desktop through a future update, and it is expected that 24 hours of message life will be added to the section of the hidden message where you currently get options to turn on or off which sets the default setting for hidden messages to 7 days.

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