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Meta Zuckerberg shows off the full avatar of the Metaverse for the first time

Meta Corporation announced at its Meta Connect event on Tuesday that its next-generation metaverse avatar will include legs and feet, and will support the use of avatars from Meta Horizons in more places online.

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg said at the event: "The legs are really not that easy to do, we're going to bring the legs to the horizon [world] first, and as we improve our tech stack, we're going to keep bringing the legs to the horizon world. They bring more experience."

On top of the legs, Meta avatars will also display a wider range of facial expressions and reactions to better express how people are feeling. People will also be able to choose more body types and skin tones for their avatars to better represent who they are.

Meta also announced a new feature that lets users use Meta's Horizon avatar in Zoom meetings, dubbed Mission Zoom. If an attendee doesn't want to appear on screen, but still wants to be on screen, Meta's metaverse avatar will take his place.

These features are expected to arrive in 2023.

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