Mexico: This Google program with curricular value is for you

In Mexico, only 9% of women intend to study a STEM career. And, according to data compiled by the Labor Observatory, in 2020 only 19.5% of professionals employed in some engineering in the country are women. With this in mind, Google announced a new program that seeks to support these women in their job placement.

This three-month program seeks to train female engineers and engineering students to have more job opportunities in the growing cloud computing industry.

Grow with Google for Women in STEM

This project will combine weekly virtual sessions on soft skills with cloud topics. During the duration of this training, attendees will complete an online course to specialize as Associate Cloud Engineer.

During the virtual sessions, live, they will receive mentoring from people who work in Google Cloud, who will help them answer questions. In terms of soft skills, the workshops will cover topics such as unconscious biases, non-verbal language, leadership, and how to prepare for a job interview, among others.

In the end, in addition to receiving the certificate with curricular value for having completed this training, they will have the opportunity to take an exam with which they will receive a certification from Google Cloud.

In this first edition of Grow with Google for Women in STEM, Google seeks to train a total of 100 women. The call is now open and the training will begin on September 1, 2021. To select the participating engineers, we will work for hand in hand with the NGO InRoads, an NGO dedicated to preparing young students to open more job opportunities to minority groups.

How to become part of Grow with Google for Women in STEM?

The form for the call is now available and will remain open until August 12 through this link.

Those interested in being part of Grow with Google for Women in STEM must have a profile focused on any engineering and be interested in the cloud industry.

  • They must be students within one year of graduation, or less than one year after completing their studies.

  • It is necessary to have access to a computer and the internet.

  • In addition, it is required to have a minimum average of eight.

During the program, the participants will be able to get in touch with specialists and other engineers from various schools and institutions, who will share knowledge with them to boost their professional and personal training.


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