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MG 6 PRO: New commitment to sportsmanship, only for China


Since its resurrection under the Chinese group SAIC and especially in recent months, the new MG has shown us that it is ready to regain its reputation as a brand of great sports cars. The greatest example of this is creations such as the MG Cyberster, which will eventually reach production, or the MG 6 XPower, almost a TCR registered for the street. Now it shows it again with a new sports version of the new MG 6, somewhat lighter than the XPower but which is undoubtedly presented as an attractive formula to conquer the public.

It is called MG 6 PRO and like the previous models, it is presented with a marked sporty design and some other aesthetic differences compared to the standard version of MG's compact sedan accompanied by also improved performance.

With a deep lift in front

And it is that in this PRO version, MG surprises us with a completely new face for the famous model, with new ragged and aggressive headlights, a larger grille with chrome details, a hood with more nerves, and a more sporty bumper on the that it does not lack a series of aerodynamic elements such as a front splitter. A sporty essence that is even more marked in the back where we find a bumper with a diffuser and double exhaust outlet and a generous rear spoiler, to which is also added some sporty 18-inch alloy wheels with colored brake calipers.

In the interior MG has not neglected aesthetics either, with a modern cabin in which there is no lack of two large screens for the infotainment system -10.1 inches- and the instrumentation -12.3 inches- and in which we also find sports seats with black leather upholstery with the MG logo embroidered on the headrests in a contrasting orange color that is also present on the center console, the steering wheel seams or the belts.

Style with moderate power

And what about its mechanics? Well, here we find a 1.5-liter four-cylinder turbocharged gasoline engine that offers 180 hp and 285 Nm of maximum torque, accompanied by a 7-speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox. A power that we could consider somewhat scarce, although sufficient to accompany this sporty aspect without problems.

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