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MG4 Electric: Cupra Born's great rival has arrived

MG4 Electric
MG4 Electric

MG Motor has enthusiastically returned to the Spanish market with its various SUV and electric vehicles, but the best was yet to come: an electric car in a typical small style to assault a hitherto unknown category for the British brand. Later, he gave us all of its specifications, as well as some preliminary costs in several European regions, with the goal of turning this model into one of those zero-emission vehicles with a competitive price that allows the electric vehicle to be democratized. But, with the approach of September 2022, all speculation is over. The MG4 Electric is now available on the Spanish market.

This new 100% electric MG vehicle is shown to us with a length of roughly 4.3 meters, similar to a Peugeot 308 in size. Its design does not surprise us because it has been exposed for some time, but we can now learn all about its costs, specifications, and equipment for Spain.

Features of the MG4 Electric

We find a compact car with the main visual features of a Volkswagen ID.3 or Cupra Born, with an aerodynamic nose, short overhangs, and a high waist, albeit with a much more aggressive design, both for its sharp LED headlights with 28 units and front air intakes as per the tension lines on its sides, including a black lower surface as shown in the video.

All this means that although it is an electric compact, it looks like a crossover air in some ways. But in addition to looking aggressive, its bodywork is designed to be aerodynamic, achieving a Cx of between 0.27 and 0.287. This exterior finish may look in the colors Pebble Black, Dover White, Medal Silver, Andes Grey, Diamond Red, Brighton Blue, or Fizzy Orange.

In its interior, we also find certain similarities with the electric compacts of the Volkswagen Group since it is committed to minimalism and digitalization. Thus, there is a small digital instrument panel and a central touch screen for the generously sized multimedia system.

It also has a raised center console with a rotary control for the automatic gearbox and an electronic parking brake button, as well as a wireless phone charging space. A bottom cabinet with a sliding top and two coasters can also be seen in the photographs.

MG4 Electric Specifications

It is the main structure of this MG and all its siblings, sitting on the new MSP modular platform designed by MG parent firm SAIC Motor. "Smart modular architecture provides numerous advantages in terms of flexibility, space utilization, safety, driving experience, weight savings, and advanced technologies." Its scalable architecture allows for wheelbases ranging from 2,650 to 3,100mm, allowing multiple body styles to be created for different sectors on the same platform, ranging from hatchbacks and sedans to SUVs and vans. As a result, the modular scalable platform is critical to MG's European expansion plan," adds MG.

Furthermore, the battery-powered compact has a revolutionary, ultra-thin 110mm 'One Pack' battery, which is one of the key reasons a classic small body design is conceivable. This battery base will initially be available in two capacities: the Standard version, which will allow you to go 350 kilometers with the 51 kWh package, and the Comfort and Luxury versions, which will give 450 kilometers of WLTP autonomy. In the first scenario, the rear-mounted electric motor produces 125 kW (170 hp), while the latter produces 150 kW (203 horsepower), both with a torque of 250 Nm, allowing this tiny electric to reach 100 km/h in less than eight seconds and a top speed of 160 km/h.

At the charge level, it will be feasible to recover from 10 to 80% of its battery in 135 kW DC outlets in just 35 minutes, and we will have 300 km of autonomy in 32 minutes.

Technical sheet of the MG4 Electric

  • Length: 4.28

  • Width: 1.83

  • Height: 1.50

  • Wheelbase: 2.70 meters

  • Weight: 1,655/1,685kg

  • Boot: 360/353 l - 1,177/1,165 l

  • Engines: electric 125 or 150 kW

  • Transmission: automatic single ratio

  • Traction: rear or total

  • Battery: 51 or 64 kWh

  • Price: From 29,490 euros

Range and prices of the MG4 Electric

The manufacturer has told us that this electric compact will be available by the end of this year. Following the successful MG ZS, Marvel R, and MG5, MG will now have four zero-emission passenger cars on the market. As a result, the MG4 Electric is available in three trim levels: standard, comfort, and luxury.

Both the Standard Range and Comfort come standard with 17-inch wheels, LED lighting and pilots, rear parking sensors, temperature control, adaptive cruise control, a seven-inch digital panel, and a 10.25-inch Android-compatible multimedia system. Auto and Apple CarPlay are two examples. The Luxury also has an improved MG iSMART infotainment system with the same 10.25-inch screen that adds remote control functions, voice recognition, real-time traffic information, browser, and WiFi, as well as assistants like the detector blind spot, lane change alert, and rear traffic snitch,' 360-degree cameras, and aesthetically tinted windows, two-tone bodywork, and a rear spoiler.

As a result, the MG4 Electric range's costs in Spain are as follows. Remember that these are charge amounts from which the Moves 3 Plan may be deducted up to 7,000 euros, plus a discount for MG's own launch campaign of roughly 1,210 euros, implying a savings of more than 8,000 euros:

  • MG4 Electric Standard: 29,490 euros

  • MG4 Electric Comfort: 33,490 euros

  • MG4 Electric Luxury: 35,490 euros

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