Microlino's tiny electric car sparks a lot of interest


At the IAA Mobility in Munich, Micro unveiled the production version of the Microlino 2.0 miniature electric vehicle. A vehicle that falls into the ATV category in Europe is similar in design to the ultra-compact BMW Isetta from about sixty years ago.

Like the BMW Isetta, the four-wheeled electric car has only one door - the front door. However, the Microlino 2.0 is more secure. The company claims it is the first car in its class to feature an automotive-grade solid construction.

The urban ATV is powered by a 19 kW (25 hp) engine that can accelerate it to 90 km / h. The trunk volume of the two-seater is 230 liters.

The electric car attracted a lot of interest. More than 24,000 people have booked it. The company plans to start production this year in Turin with three varieties: Urban, Dolce, and Competizione. The battery capacity is 6, 10.5, and 14 kWh, and the mileage without recharging is 95, 175, and 230 km, respectively. Prices start at 12,500 euros.

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