Microsoft accidentally revealed the new Windows 11 media player ahead of time


Microsoft continues to actively prepare for the launch of its new Windows 11 operating system. Many of the standard applications are expected to be significantly updated for the launch of the new operating system.

As noted by the Windows 11 testers, the company accidentally unveiled the new Media Player for the new OS ahead of time. The app was demonstrated during a webcast with video playback for members of the Windows Insider Program.

It is speculated that the Media Player application could replace the Movies & TV application currently present in Windows 10. However, the functionality could be much broader by unifying all the video and music playback applications in Windows 11.

The screenshot, for example, shows the ability to shuffle the current playlist and skip tracks. The design of the application is in the style of Windows 11. Some of the controls that were previously located in the lower-left corner have also been moved to the right side of the application window.

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