Microsoft AI Image Recognition WeChat applet has been suspended

According to feedback from netizens, when opening the Microsoft AI Image Recognition WeChat applet, it has been prompted that "The Microsoft AI Image Recognition applet has been suspended, and the developer has suspended Microsoft AI on July 6, 2022. Recognize the picture".

The Microsoft AI Image Recognition WeChat applet developed by Microsoft China used to be a free and easy-to-use image-to-text gadget with a high success rate in recognizing text. The reason for the suspension of service and when it will resume is not yet known.

When I wanted to quickly convert the content in the picture into an electronic version,

  • You can open WeChat and search for the "Microsoft AI Image Recognition" applet.

  • Click to take pictures. There are three modes to choose from: printed fonts, handwritten Chinese, and handwritten English. After selecting the mode, click to take a photo. Of course, you can also directly select a good picture from the album. At this time, the applet will automatically scan.

  • Finally, copy the scanned results, or export them directly to Word.

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