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Microsoft Bing Chat Weekly: Introducing Bing Image Creator, Image Card 2.0, etc.

Microsoft has announced the latest updates to Bing Chat, a weekly report featuring new features and updates to their search engine. The report released on March 17th highlights three major features - Bing Image Creator, Knowledge Cards 2.0, and Stories.

Bing Image Creator

The Bing Image Creator is a new tool based on DALL-E, a deep learning model developed by OpenAI. This tool allows users to automatically generate images based on text content entered into the search bar. This feature is particularly useful for those who need images to accompany their written content but may not have access to high-quality images or a design team.

The tool is easy to use and generates a wide variety of images based on the text input. Users can adjust the size, style, and color of the images to fit their needs. This feature has been well-received by content creators and is expected to become a popular tool for bloggers, writers, and social media managers.

Knowledge Cards 2.0

The Knowledge Cards 2.0 feature is an extension of the knowledge graph that appears on the right side of Bing search results pages. The graph is designed to help users explore topics of interest through facts, image-based timelines, polls, actions, and related topics. The updated version of the knowledge graph now includes generative AI to increase the richness and breadth of the knowledge graph.

The new feature allows users to explore topics in greater detail and provides a more immersive experience. Users can now dive deeper into topics of interest and discover new information they may not have otherwise come across. This feature is particularly useful for students, researchers, and those with a thirst for knowledge.


Bing now offers an AI-generated Stories feature that tells stories through text, images, video, and audio. The feature is designed for both visual and auditory learners and can be used to create engaging and interactive content. The stories are generated by AI and can be customized to fit the user's needs.

This feature is expected to be popular with content creators who want to tell stories in a more engaging way. The feature is also expected to be popular with students and educators who want to create interactive lessons and presentations.

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