Microsoft breathes new life into the mythical Windows XP background


Microsoft appeals to nostalgia with a new version of the mythical Windows XP background. It comes with other elements that will remind you of old experiences with computers. A new set of Microsoft Teams backgrounds appeals to users' nostalgia. Microsoft has released the fund group " Nostalgia " with a new version of the mythical Windows XP background at the helm.

" Bliss ", the famous photograph of Charles O'Rear, has been retouched after years. “It is estimated that billions of people have seen the image, making it one of the most-watched in history. The original had virtually no edits, but our new vision for the Microsoft Teams meeting landscape has shadows, clouds, and a few added dandelions, ”explained the Microsoft 365 blog.

More nostalgia

Microsoft also reminds us of other elements that marked the experience of Windows users through the years. " Clippy ", Solitaire, and Microsoft Paint are also honored.

These funds are available in Microsoft Teams, but you can also download them to your computer.

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