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Microsoft brings advanced settings for multiple monitors in Windows 11


The latest Windows 11 build leaks revealed new details for the upcoming version of the operating system that brings advanced settings for multiple screens.

Windows 10 has not provided any improvements to the user experience in the multi-screen during the past period, so the development of the multi-screen experience is required by many users.

Windows 11 build has revealed a new option in the Windows 11 operating system that allows the system to realize the location of each window according to the screen connection, so when you leave a number of active windows on the screens, the windows will be managed on the screens.

The user will also have the option to minimize the windows when the screen is closed, as this feature can support the processing of multiple windows and random tabs, without the need to compress many open windows on one of the screens, also when the screen is separated, the application will be minimized.

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