Microsoft creates a game that simulates the crisis of the delinquent ship in the Suez Canal


Microsoft has entered the investor market of the delinquent ship crisis, as its subsidiary, Microsoft Flight Simulator, released a three-dimensional game that includes flying the plane over the Suez Canal and orbiting the ship.

Microsoft Flight Simulator has built its reputation from 38 years of experience providing games that provide a highly realistic interpretation of the real world, by giving players the opportunity to explore the world from the pilot's seat at their leisure, without having to leave their homes.

A video showing a trial run of the game, the container ship Evergiven from the cockpit, shows a passenger plane flying along the Suez Canal crowded with stranded ships.

In the video, which was re-posted on Twitter, the technical advisor to the CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella, heard the voice of the captain telling the passengers: This is the waterway that most of the global merchant ships cross.

Then the pilot discovers the stranded ship, and informs the passengers that the plane will orbit around it, saying, It seems they have a big problem.

The technology and entertainment website GeekWire notes that the elaborate video game produced by Microsoft Flight Simulator used global images of Bing maps and the Microsoft cloud system, along with artificial intelligence technology that allows live traffic and weather data as it is at the time.

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