Microsoft deliberately cut the functionality of the Windows 11 taskbar

Microsoft is currently testing the new Windows 11 operating system, and some of its features are not working yet or are not working perfectly. Microsoft still has time before the final release to make changes, including support for Android apps and new features for the taskbar.

But, as it turns out, the downgraded taskbar is a deliberate choice for Microsoft, and it looks like the company is not going to make any major changes in this regard before the release of Windows 11.

As reported by the testers, the Windows 11 taskbar does not have a full-fledged right-click context menu, and it also became impossible to drag a file or application to the taskbar. The modern taskbar also prevents users from ungrouping items and applications.

In addition to these limitations, Microsoft has removed some functionality from the calendar pop-up menu on the taskbar.

In Windows 10, the user can click on the clock icon on the right side of the taskbar to open the calendar pop-up menu. This panel is integrated with the standard Windows 10 Calendar application and allows you to add events to a calendar that syncs between devices connected to the same Microsoft, Outlook, or Exchange accounts.

In Windows 11, the company removed the events from the calendar pop-up menu, and now you can not see the agenda.

Users initially assumed that this was a bug and would be fixed before release. But, as it turns out, this is a deliberate choice. According to a statement from Microsoft, this is a deliberate design change to help users get used to the new widget panel where events can be viewed. In the feedback section from users participating in the testing, Microsoft stated:

The new widget interface has a calendar option that you can use to quickly view your personal calendar and its events. "

This response from Microsoft has garnered backlash from over a thousand users. In addition, Microsoft has removed the ability to view time with seconds.

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