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Microsoft fixes the SwiftKey input method for the iOS version to log in to the Microsoft account

Microsoft revived the legendary SwiftKey keyboard input method on iOS devices, mainly due to strong requests from some users. Microsoft is now embarking on a journey of exciting features for SwiftKey. Microsoft has updated SwiftKey for iOS, version 2.9.4, to restore sign-in with Microsoft Accounts and address other unnamed issues.

The official SwiftKey update log in the Apple App Store doesn't introduce much of the latest updates. Vishnu Nath, vice president of Microsoft and general manager of OneNote, revealed on the Twitter account that this update aims to fix the problem of logging in to SwiftKey with a Microsoft account, and will enjoy the new features brought by the cloud.

Microsoft has promised to significantly invest in the SwiftKey input method on mobile platforms. Keyboard input methods on Windows Phone used to have one of the best experiences of its kind, so expect Microsoft to bring better or similar alternatives for iOS and Android users.

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