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Microsoft Flight Simulator gets an Xbox version and an extension based on the movie Top Gun


As part of the news service from this year's E3, it would be a shame to omit Microsoft Flight Simulator. This popular flight simulator has received a couple of key announcements.

First of all, the release date for the Xbox Series X / S console was unveiled, which the game will see on July 27. The version for the older Xbox One does not seem to be planned for the future, which is not surprising given the hardware complexity of Flight Simulator.

The second report concerns the announcement of a free expansion based on the film Top Gun. The developers have partnered directly with Paramount Pictures, which will bring Top Gun: Maverick to theaters on November 19. This will be 35 years since the launch of the original Top Gun.

Themed licensed content will come into play with the film. Prim jets should be played especially by modern jet machines. But the new trailer also revealed the presence of an aircraft carrier, which will certainly not be easy to land on.

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