Microsoft has achieved the largest revenue growth since 2018


Microsoft announced the third quarter of its 2021 financial results, with revenues of $ 41.7 billion and net income of $ 15.5 billion. Revenue increased 19 percent, net income increased 44 percent, and Microsoft saw strong growth for Xbox and cloud-related services. Despite the global shortage of chips, the PC market is not slowing down, and Microsoft is taking advantage of this once again.

Windows licensing revenue for computer manufacturers grew by 10 percent, reflecting strong consumer demand for personal computers. The revenue of non-professional Windows licenses for computer manufacturers increased by 44 percent, and revenues of Windows professional licenses for computer manufacturers decreased by 2 percent.

The company revealed that there are now 1.3 billion active Windows 10 devices. When it comes to personal computers, Surface devices hit a $ 2 billion business milestone in the previous quarter, and Microsoft posted a $ 1.5 billion profit in the third quarter of 2021.

Microsoft is also home to Xbox consoles and games, with console revenues growing 232 percent, and revenue from Xbox content and services increasing by $ 739 million. Microsoft's total gaming revenue rose by $ 1.2 billion, after reaching $ 5 billion for the first quarter, thanks mainly to content, services, and Xbox devices.

The company did not provide new Xbox Game Pass subscribers this quarter after it revealed during the previous quarter that it had 18 million subscribers. While Windows and devices are Microsoft's main consumer-facing businesses, cloud services are huge on the business side. Business and office cloud revenue grew 14 percent this quarter, along with Office 365 commercial growth of 22 percent. Microsoft Teams usage has also jumped to 145 million daily active users, and there are now nearly 300 million paid subscribers in Office 365.

Revenue for Office consumer products and cloud services grew 5 percent this quarter, thanks to revenue from Microsoft 365 consumer subscription and the huge jump of 27 percent in subscribers to 50.2 million. Server and cloud services revenue increased 26 percent, with the entire smart cloud portion of Microsoft's business increasing 23 percent thanks to Azure growth. Microsoft divides its business into three main groups: productivity and business processes, a smart cloud, and personal computing. The personal computing group, which includes Windows, Xbox, Search, and Surface, has contributed $ 13 billion to a total of $ 41.7 billion to Microsoft this quarter.

The smart cloud, which includes server and Azure products, brought in about $ 15.1 billion this quarter, while productivity and business operations contributed about $ 13.6 billion this quarter.

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