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Microsoft has released the final version of the free PC Health Check Tool

The PC Health Check Tool, which allows you to evaluate the performance of your PC and answer the user's question of whether his computer is suitable for installing Windows 11, was released in the last week of June, but Microsoft very quickly removed it from its website - after many users began to complain about the inadequate operation of the application. For example, even quite powerful PCs have not been tested for compatibility with Windows 11. Later, the application was tested by members of the Windows Insiders program, and now, finally, its final version has been released for ordinary users.

You can download the PC Health Check Tool directly from this link. The tool not only gives a verdict but also indicates the specific reasons for the incompatibility of the computer or laptop with Windows 11 (if, of course, it is incompatible).

Interestingly, Microsoft has not yet made any official statements regarding the release of the final version of the PC Health Check Tool - the application just appeared on the official website of the company.

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