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Microsoft is planning another big publisher buyout for Xbox

The rumor started out in the XboxEra forums where a user by the nickname Knottian claims that we will know more about new Microsoft acquisitions in the coming months, some of which have been in discussion for a long time. According to him, those who regret a general consolidation of the industry will once again be disappointed, which suggests that big catches will be announced.

Ragnar, an insider who mentioned a big acquisition a few weeks before the announcement for Bethesda, said he had the same echoes from his side. According to him, Microsoft would like to afford another publisher and he thinks an announcement will be made at the end of 2021 or early 2022. We know that Microsoft was interested in the gaming branch of Warner Bros when it was still on sale. last year, and if the question no longer arises today, one wonders what could be the next take of the American giant.

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