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A few days ago Microsoft officially presented its new Windows 11 operating system, but it is not the only novelty that the company has planned for this year. The beta users have had access to what will come with the new Office that basically is a new design.

Office Insiders members, that is, those who are signed up to access the company's new tools early, can now get the new user interface for testing before it is available to all Microsoft 365 users later this year.

According to what they have reported, the main changes are related to the design. You now see a rounded look to the Office Ribbon Bar, with subtle tweaks to some of the buttons in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook.

It must be said that Microsoft originally planned to bring more important changes to its Office user interface, for example showing a new command bar instead of the traditional ribbon interface. However, the company apparently decided to only include a few subtle changes. But that does not mean that you have given up on your idea. Microsoft is still working on the adaptive command that will eventually replace the Office ribbon interface with a toolbar that can be undocked to float and offer functionality in documents.

Those changes are expected to appear first on the web and mobile versions of Office, before any significant design revisions to the major desktop versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. Microsoft said last year that these changes could take a year or two to roll out, so we're only beginning to see the first changes in time for Windows 11 at this point.

Kori Loomis, Program Manager for the Office Experience team, said the new Office offers a simpler and more consistent experience across all applications so people can more easily focus on work. "This visual update to Office is based on feedback from customers who requested a more natural and consistent experience within and between their applications, specifically on Windows ."

In addition, Office now matches the theme that is configured in Windows including black, that is, dark mode. Although the user can also choose because they are different.

But at the productivity level, there are also new functions to explore. For example, the user may be creating a PowerPoint presentation while referring to Word and Excel to get the information they need. You can then share your presentation with Outlook.

Also now it will be easier to work on shared documents. People will be able to identify the colorful presence indicators in the upper right corner of the menu bar, to quickly find where teammates are co-authors in real-time.

In this version, the Quick Access Toolbar is hidden by default to simplify the interface. To show it again, just right-click on the ribbon or on the View Options icon and then on Show Quick Access Toolbar.

This updated Microsoft Office interface is available for testers on both Windows 10 and Windows 11. But you do need to be part of the Office Insiders group and be configured to receive beta updates on Office settings.

It is also necessary to point out that the technology company itself is aware that users will not have access to the best experience, there are still some errors that it is working on and, in fact, it asks for feedback to be able to identify and correct them.

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