Microsoft launching a version of the xCloud service on the iOS system


Microsoft has launched a version of the xCloud game streaming service affiliated with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which does not require the use of a controller, entirely across iOS devices, including iPhone and iPad devices, as well as PCs and macOS devices across the web.

Microsoft says, xCloud can be accessed on computers through Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome, and the service works on macOS computers via Microsoft Edge and Safari, while more than 100 games are available, and the service is compatible with Bluetooth joystick or those connected via USB.

The service works via iOS as a web-based application via the Safari browser, and you have a choice between joystick or touch controls for certain games, and Microsoft also shared in a post that xCloud is now powered by Xbox Series X platforms, where the broadcast is set to 1080p. At a rate of up to 60 frames per second with a fast enough internet connection.

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