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Microsoft Responds to "Hongxia Island" PlayStation Version Cancellation

Microsoft has responded to recent comments made by Arkane executives about the cancellation of the PlayStation version of the game "Hongxia Island." According to Eurogamer, Microsoft issued a statement in response to the claims made by the executives, shedding light on their position regarding PlayStation platform games.

Arkane executives had recently revealed in an interview that "Hongxia Island" was initially planned to launch on the PlayStation platform but was changed to an Xbox exclusive at Microsoft's request. The news generated a lot of buzz and speculation among gamers.

Microsoft's Official Statement

In response to the controversy, a Microsoft spokesperson issued a statement to Eurogamer, stating that since acquiring ZeniMax, the company has never removed a single PlayStation title. Microsoft further stated that they have expanded the number and size of their Sony PlayStation releases since the acquisition.

Microsoft's claim that they have not pulled any games from the PlayStation platform is technically correct. However, the statement did not address why the PS5 version of "Hongxia Island" was cancelled. This has left many gamers speculating about the reasons behind the decision.

Expansion of Sony PlayStation Releases

Microsoft's statement has highlighted the company's expansion of Sony PlayStation releases since acquiring ZeniMax. The first two titles released after the acquisition were PlayStation 5 exclusives. This demonstrates that Microsoft has been committed to supporting the PlayStation platform, which is good news for gamers who are worried about losing access to their favorite games.

Microsoft's Acquisition of ZeniMax

Microsoft's acquisition of ZeniMax, the parent company of Bethesda Softworks, was one of the biggest gaming industry news stories of 2020. The $7.5 billion acquisition marked a significant move by Microsoft to strengthen its gaming portfolio and compete more effectively with Sony and Nintendo.

The acquisition gave Microsoft access to some of the most popular game franchises in the world, including "Fallout," "Elder Scrolls," and "Doom." It also gave Microsoft the opportunity to expand its gaming business through cross-platform releases and the addition of new gaming studios.

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