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Microsoft Rewards Users Can Use Points to Speed Up Bing Chat Image Generation

Microsoft recently launched the Bing Image Creator tool for Bing Chat, which enables users to generate images during chat conversations by entering text. This feature has been widely praised for its convenience and ability to improve the chat experience. The tool is especially useful for those who want to add images to their conversations but don't want to take the time to search for and download them manually.

Microsoft Rewards Program

Microsoft Rewards is a free program that allows users to earn points by completing various tasks. These points can then be redeemed for various rewards, including gift cards, sweepstakes entries, and more. Users can earn points by searching on, shopping at the Microsoft Store online store, and using Windows 10. The rewards page is updated regularly with new ways to earn points.

Microsoft Rewards Program Benefits

As part of the Microsoft Rewards program, members can use their points to speed up image generation in Bing Chat. This means that they can use their points to generate images faster, making the chat experience more responsive to their creativity. This feature is a significant advantage for Microsoft Rewards members who want to save time and make their chats more visually appealing.

Jordi Ribas' Statement

Jordi Ribas, the vice president of search and artificial intelligence at Microsoft, stated that the company is continuously looking for ways to improve the chat experience for its users. The Bing Image Creator tool is just one example of this commitment. Ribas further added that Microsoft Rewards members can take advantage of this feature and use their points to generate images faster.

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