Microsoft's LinkedIn cuts global event marketing team

According to reports, Microsoft laid off employees earlier this week, and now its LinkedIn (LinkedIn) will also lay off the global events marketing team. A LinkedIn spokesperson wouldn't say how many people were affected, other than to say the entire event marketing team was hit. Affected employees can apply for positions on a newly created internal team focused on creating a virtual, hybrid, and personal in-person experiences. A LinkedIn spokesperson said that event marketing has changed a lot, and the new team will focus on creating new experiences around virtual, hybrid, personal in-person experiences that bring people together.

Chuck Jones, a senior event marketing manager on the global events marketing team, posted on Wednesday that his entire team had been laid off and that luckily employees had plenty of internal positions to apply for.

Less than a month ago, Microsoft announced its financial report. The data showed that LinkedIn revenue increased by 26% year-on-year, and the interaction volume of 850 million members also reached a new high. The wave of layoffs has swept the entire U.S. tech industry, and it now appears that LinkedIn is not immune. Oracle announced layoffs in early August, affecting thousands of employees around the world. Oracle hopes to cut costs by $1 billion. Lyft, Robinhood, Hootsuite, and Rivian have all laid off staff, and Apple and Google have announced a slowdown in hiring.

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