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Microsoft's plans for healthcare


Healthcare is currently one of the hottest fields for technology companies. For example, Amazon has started launching services in this field. While Apple has turned the iPhone and its smartwatch into medical devices capable of performing some diagnoses and interacting with the patient. Besides, Google has made many applications using artificial intelligence, and of course, Microsoft will not leave a field like this.

Microsoft has big plans for this promising field. “There have been changes for a long time in this area," said Tom McGuinness, the company's vice president of healthcare and life sciences. It is about solving the problems of weak data interconnection. Uniting health care teams as well as addressing the barriers that separate patients themselves from the health care process” (adapted)

These challenges remained for a long time. But it has become more visible and influential in conjunction with the Covid-19 pandemic. Which really proved to the world that the level of care available is weak compared to the breakthrough technological development that we are experiencing.

Continuing his comments, McGuinness stated: “One of the most important questions we are trying to find an answer to in cooperation with our partners is 'How can we currently provide a virtual care system? It is a virtual system capable of creating a link between all parties to the system.”

The point of interest currently is the separation between virtual and physical health care. With these two points in mind, Microsoft launched the “Cloud for Healthcare” service at the end of last year.

And the Bookings app for booking, which is part of the Microsoft Teams app for communication, has already started appearing in Cloud for Healthcare. It can simply be used by clinicians to schedule, manage and perform their tasks remotely, and simply put, the main objective here is to provide the service online without any conflict with the actual healthcare.

One of the advantages of the Cloud for Healthcare application is the collaboration between the members of the medical teams remotely, whether they are working remotely or in the same place, in addition to the interest of this application - which represents the service - in the ability to provide the complete patient history and the medications that he was taking.

For its part, the American giant Microsoft has begun developing a secure standard for sharing private information between medical systems, which will be called Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources or FIHR.

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