Microsoft's rejuvenated Windows 11 market cap surpasses $2 trillion


Microsoft (MS), the world's largest software company, has settled on a market cap of $2 trillion. According to CNBC, the market capitalization of Microsoft is estimated at $2.9 trillion (about 2276.2 trillion won).

This is the first time that Microsoft, which once touched the $2 trillion mark in market cap during the market on the 22nd, has crossed this threshold based on the closing price. It is second only to Apple among other companies.

It has been only two years and two months since the market cap surpassed $1 trillion in April 2019. Microsoft's milestone was achieved after unveiling 'Windows 11', a new version of the Windows operating system for the first time in five years.

The reason Microsoft's corporate value, which had lost its competitiveness after being complacent with the success of the Windows operating system in the past, soared again is thanks to its rejuvenation into a 'young company' under the leadership of CEO Satya Nadella, who took office in 2014, CNBC analyzed.

The stock price of the company soared more than 600% during the tenure of CEO Nadella, who found a new growth engine through cloud computing and aggressive mergers and acquisitions. This is in stark contrast to the 43% decline in the stock price of former CEO Steve Ballmer while leading Microsoft for 14 years.

CEO Nadella, who released Office apps including Word and Excel on Apple iOS and Google Android at the beginning of his tenure, promoted win-win cooperation with the software industry with an open attitude, such as providing free updates to Windows 10, unlike previous versions.

Windows 11, unveiled also supports apps running on Google's Android, Microsoft said.

Unlike other 'IT giants' such as Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google, which are under strong antitrust pressure from regulatory authorities, Microsoft has not undergone any antitrust investigations since Nadella took office, CNBC reported.

In particular, after the current management took office, Microsoft has developed business social media 'Linkedin', game developers 'Mojang' and 'Genimax', open-source sharing platform 'Github', and artificial intelligence (AI) and voice recognition technology company 'Nuance'. They took over one after another and most of them made a 'jackpot'.

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