Microsoft will give you 10 days to go back to Windows 10 if you don't like Windows 11


Windows 10 users will still have support from Microsoft until October 2025. Windows 11 may begin to install on Windows 10 computers later this year, but users will have 10 days to revert to the previous version of the operating system if they are not convinced by the experience.

New computers with Windows 11 pre-installed will start shipping later this year, but Microsoft will allow Windows 10 users to upgrade to the new version of their operating system for free.

The possibility of updating to Windows 11 will depend on the characteristics of the computer, that is, if it is compatible with the new version, although, in a question and answer document for salespeople, Microsoft points out that most Windows 10 computers that currently marketed meet the minimum requirements.

This document states that the distribution plans have not yet been finalized, but that the update will begin at the end of this year and will continue in 2022. During that time, Windows Update will indicate if the computer can be updated to the new version and when.

Upgrading to Windows 11 will be free

This upgrade from Windows 10 to Windows 11 will be free, and users will also have a 10-day trial period to decide if the experience offered by the new version meets their needs. If it doesn't convince them, they can go back to Windows 10, with all their files and data intact.

After that trial time, if the user wants to return to Windows 10, they will have to perform what is called a "clean installation", that is, format the computer and install this version of the operating system from scratch, which will also mean having to perform a backup of your data and files so you don't lose them.

Microsoft clarifies in this same document that Windows 11 maintains the performance and security of Windows 10 with a redesign and a refreshed appearance, but that it introduces new tools, sounds, and applications, in order to refresh the experience on the computer.

This means that users who are not required to upgrade to Windows 11 may remain in the current version of the system, as Windows 10 support will continue until October 14, 2025.

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