Microsoft Win11 2022 update blog confirms the official version of Win10 22H2

Everyone is concerned about Windows 11 and its first feature update, but Windows 10 can't be a thing of the past for some people. Microsoft has hidden a subtle reminder about the upcoming Windows 10 "feature update" in a blog post describing how to download the Windows 11 2022 update.

Since Windows 11 includes some controversial feature changes, not every user has older but still functional hardware, so hardware needs to be prepared to get the latest OS. Even Microsoft says Windows 10 is a "good choice" if users' devices don't qualify for Windows 11 . To keep customers happy, Microsoft will continue servicing Windows 10 until October 2025. As part of the service, the operating system will get an update next month.

Unlike Windows 11, which will get a slew of neat features in the October "moment" update, Windows 10 will likely get a simple Build version boost with a similar cumulative update. Still, some minor new features are still available in Windows 10, such as a slightly updated taskbar that now displays News and Interests no matter where it is set.

Given Microsoft's claim that few people put the taskbar on the top or side of the screen (one of the reasons), Windows 11 was finally developed to no longer allow users to change the taskbar position.

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