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Microsoft Windows 11/10 free toolset PowerToys 0.62 released

Microsoft’s free system utility suite called PowerToys was resurrected from the Windows XP era and introduced to the Windows 10 system in May 2019. Can be used for advanced users to tune and simplify Windows operations for greater efficiency. By working with the Windows 10/ Windows 11 shell, it allows users to customize individual workflows.

Today, PowerToys version 0.62 has been released on GitHub. This update mainly adds three new tools. Let's take a look.

Screen Ruler Screen Ruler: A quick and easy way to measure screen pixels, the shortcut is Win + Shift + M.

Quick Accent: An easy way to write accented letters, while holding down the key of the character you want to add an accent to, press the activation key and an overlay will appear for selecting the accented character.

Text Extractor: The usage method is similar to the Snipping Tool, but you can copy the text out of the selected area through OCR and put it on the clipboard, the shortcut key is Win + Shift + T.

PowerToy Run comes with a new plugin that allows users to search within the results of past queries. Additionally, PowerToys version 0.62 upgrades the Windows App SDK to version 1.1.4 and includes several tool bug fixes.

You can download PowerToys 0.62 version on GitHub or Microsoft App Store, pay attention to distinguishing between the x64 and arm64 versions.

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