Microsoft Windows 11 is testing a long search box on the taskbar similar to Windows 10

In the latest Windows 11 Dev preview version 25197, Microsoft brought a new search box design or the restored search box design. According to a hidden design discovered by Twitter user PhantomOcean3, Windows 11 brings back a style similar to the default search box in Windows 10, which displays a large long search box next to the start button.

As can be seen from the figure, the search box can display some prompt text, the overall rounded corners are very large, and there are some pattern decorations.

Start method:

  • Download the Vive Tool from the GitHub repository

  • Extract Vive Tool files to a directory

  • Start Windows Terminal as administrator, switch to Command Prompt

  • Use the CD command to navigate to the Vive Tool's folder. For example, CD C:\Vive

  • Type vivetool /enable/ id:39072097 /variant:6 and press enter

Restart the computer

In addition, this version welcomes a new UI that focuses on desktop wallpapers. As you can see from the figure, users can view detailed information about wallpapers and related wallpapers in a new floating window. IT Home understands that the UI also needs to be started manually.

Start method:

The Vive Tool tool enters the following command:

vivetool  / enable  / id : 39710659 
vivetool  / enable  / id : 39880030 
vivetool  / enable  / id : 40268500
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