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Microsoft Xbox Gold members will release games for XGP in October

Microsoft has now announced the Xbox Live Games with Gold free games for October 2022, including “Headwind Shutdown” and “Bomber Squad: Deluxe Edition”. On Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S, subscribers will be able to pick up Deadwind (usually $19.99) between October 1 and 31. Then, pick up Bomber Squad: Deluxe Edition (regularly $24.99) from October 16th to November 15th.

"Sail Against the Wind" is a survival adventure game. In the game, players sink a ship on an unknown island, exploring, adapting, and sailing to survive on land and dangerous seas. You will become Kara, a warrior, and you are stranded at sea in a violent storm, far from your people. You are thrown from the boat by the waves, and you are left to rage, and eventually, you are washed up on an island, a mysterious paradise.

There is no boat, no food, no tools, only the will to survive, and the rich resources on the beautiful island waiting for you to discover. You need to make tools and weapons to hunt animals and protect yourself from nature and various monsters.

As you explore the ruins scattered across the farther islands, you gradually uncover secrets of the past and even glimpse some fragments of the future. Uncover the secrets behind them and you may find more than just the way home.

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