Microsoft Xbox launches official anthropomorphic image Box Treasure

Today, Tokyo Game Show 2022 officially opened, Microsoft Xbox will hold a live broadcast of the exhibition at 5 pm today and announce the anthropomorphic image " Box Treasure " for the first time. As you can see from the picture, the image is a combination of Xbox game console, handle, and screen. According to Microsoft Xbox, "Hebao" is a box robot manufactured by Xbox, and the sprout on its head is an authentic watermelon seedling (Microsoft Xbox logo resembles a watermelon, and XGP subscription is also ridiculed as "watermelon rind").

At the end of last month, Microsoft announced that Xbox will return to the Tokyo Game Show in digital form at 5 pm Beijing time on September 15th, and bring online programs to Asian players including Japan. live streaming.

The Livestream will showcase updates to games already released by Xbox Game Studios, as well as new upcoming titles from developer partners.

In addition, today, at the ID@Xbox Fall Showcase 2022, Microsoft announced the latest list of games that are ready to land on Xbox Game Pass, and also confirmed that "Hall of the Spirit" will officially land on PC Game Pass on September 29 (at the same time entering Microsoft Store, which supports progress synchronization for the Steam version), while the Xbox Game Pass version targets "early 2023".

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