MiHoYo's romance and detective game, Tears of Themis, debuts July 29 on Android and iOS

The official gameplay trailer for Shattered Path was released yesterday. Hone your detective skills and prepare for an adventure filled with tension and affection. Global interactive entertainment developer and publisher miHoYo has announced that their game ears of Themis will release on July 29th for Android and iOS.

In this upcoming free game, players will start their legal careers as junior attorneys and you will be accompanied by four characteristic male protagonists with complex characters, who seek the truth and uncover a grand conspiracy lurking behind the worlds of justice and crime.

Tears of Themis is miHoYo's first detective game that invites players to embark on an adventure filled with romance and wit. Players will take on the role of a junior attorney at the law firm Themis and work closely with their fellows to solve strange cases that take place in the fictional Stellis City. Players will investigate crime scenes and interrogate suspects and witnesses to obtain relevant evidence and testimony. After processing all the evidence, they will go to court and fight for justice in legal debates. Four lovable male characters will provide ongoing support and assistance in this quest for truth. Players can unlock exclusive dialogs, video calls, and character stories while developing relationships with them. As the cases unfold

The latest trailer for Shattered Path offers a glimpse into the detective gameplay. During the investigation, players face several tasks: collecting and studying evidence at the crime scene, as well as collecting key phrases and suspicious traits from the NPCs involved in the case. After comparing and analyzing the evidence obtained, the final battle lies ahead: players will present evidence to the court to support their arguments and use irrefutable logic to defeat the prosecution and celebrate victory.

Since June 17, the gate for pre-registration in the App Store, Google Play Store, and on the official website has been removed. Currently, over 400,000 Associate Attorneys have joined Themis Law Firm through the official website alone. When the number of pre-registered players exceeds a certain number, a series of exclusive rewards will be distributed after the official release; the more players pre-register, the greater the reward. Once the number of pre-registrations reaches 500,000, the Draw x10 reward will be unlocked for all players upon official release.

Tears of Themis is available on Android and iOS.

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