"Minecraft" national service cliffs and caves update will be launched on January 21

According to the official website of "Minecraft" national service, on January 21st, the "Minecraft" cliffs and caves update will be officially launched, adding goats that collide with everything, super cute creatures axolotl, creatures such as the glowing squid known as the "moving cursor".

According to reports, the new creature goats are very violent, and they will "rush" around desperately. The axolotl looks super cute and has a good fighting ability.

One of the highlights of this update is a special new block - the fine snow block. This new block has the properties of a "water block", and when you stand on top of it, you may suddenly fall into it.

In addition to the update of caves and cliffs, the interstellar-themed tower defense game "Code: Xihe" will also appear. In the resource-poor solar system, while human beings are suffering from the battle for interstellar resources, they also face the rebellion of alien creatures... This game is not only supported by the exciting classic tower defense gameplay but also many high-quality developers will especially Build component gameplay.

The "Minecraft" international server has updated "Cliffs and Caves" in June last year, and updated the second part of "Caves & Cliffs" not long ago.

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