Monster charge and map for The Witcher: Old World board

The Kickstarter campaign for the album The Witcher: Old World should arrive on the mentioned platform within the next month. The closer we get to the beginning of the campaign, the more information about the game itself comes to the surface. Company Go on board to throw us a new one monster after another, and recently even been to reveal the game plan, which rather reminds map of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. But it's not just the monsters and game board that we're going to look at today, because thanks to Go on Board videos, we know a little about game mechanics, so we can finally imagine how The Witcher: Old World will play.

In one of the videos, Go on Board focused on the sorcerers of individual schools, whose role we will take on in the prepared board. In accordance with this theme, of course, there was a speech on the player's board, which represents the sorcerer of your choice. On it you will come across a picture of your sorcerer, a special ability unique to the school of your choice, a level indicator, shields, and individual properties.

In addition, the board also has space for coins you collect, monster trophies, and your deck of cards. Everything was really thought of when inventing this game board, as you will find everything you need to play on it. In addition, the board is double-layered, so chips and pointers will not fly all over the table at the slightest knock.

As for the individual properties, the first of them with the sword icon indicates your readiness in combat, from which it is then derived how many cards you draw in it. The second with a shield icon is a feature that marks your defense, which determines how many shields you can have. Next, is the potion icon showing your knowledge of alchemy, which shows you how many potions you can drink in one fight. The last characteristic is specific to each school and is always linked to the special ability of that school.

Since The Witcher: Old World is a board game whose main mechanic is deckbuilding, it's no wonder that almost everything revolves around your deck of cards. During the game, it will expand and fill with stronger attacks, which you can then manage to knock down any monster. But before that happens, you'll have to make do with a basic deck of ten cards specific to the magic school you've chosen.

In The Witcher: Old World you will use cards for almost everything. Your deck of cards represents how many lives you have and the cards you find in it are used both in combat with monsters and when traveling on the game map. In the corner of each card is a terrain symbol that determines which way you can take your journey around the world.

The most important thing you will need your cards for is a duel. We'll look at this in a moment because to understand the duel, you need to know what cards you come across in your deck and what you can do with them. The cards are divided into five different sections in The Witcher: Old World. We have red cards representing strong attacks, blue cards representing quick attacks, green cards indicating tricks, yellow cards for defensive signs, and purple cards for offensive signs.

Separately, the individual cards may seem weak, but their strength only comes to the surface when you manage to put them into a strong combo. In a fight, you can lay out more than one card at a time, as long as they match each other correctly in color. In some cases, you can trigger bonus effects this way, such as dealing bonus damage, adding shields, or drawing a card.

As you wander the world with your sorcerer and explore its mysteries, you may come across a sorcerer's job that will give you the task of knocking down some of the three monsters that are currently moving around the game map. Before you embark on a duel in which you try to get a trophy from a monster, you can track it and get some information about it. This will then reward you with a Trail token, which will give you an advantage in the upcoming battle.

Before the start of the fight, a monster attack pack is always prepared, which consists of as many cards as the monster has lives. He then shuffles and places a monster next to the card, on which, in addition to lives, his special ability can also be seen. In addition, you also take all your cards from the discard pile and shuffle them back into the draw deck. Once everything is ready, the fight can begin.

If you own a Trail token, you start the fight, but if you pounced on the monster without proper preparation, it will attack first. Your move consists of four parts. First, you can decide whether to use a potion, such as Swallow, which will restore your shield, but at the end of the round, you will lick one less card, or activate the ability of one of the trophies. You then play a combination of cards from your hand, evaluate them, and if you deal any damage to the creature, it will remove as many cards from its attack deck. Last but not least, you draw licks according to the value on the combat readiness scale.

If your opponent is not dead, it's time to attack him. The role of the monster is taken by the player to your right, who decides whether the monster will make a Charge or a Bite. Subsequently, the monster attack card is turned over and the respective half of the card is evaluated according to the selected type of attacks. This continues the fight until the monster or player is defeated. With inactive players taking turns choosing a monster attack.

If the monster succeeds in knocking it down, you will get a trophy from it, which will bring you a little closer to victory, and in addition, will give you access to a special ability that you can use in the following battles. However, you got tired during the fight, which means that you have to choose one card from your deck, which you then remove from the game.

As part of playing The Witcher: Old World, he won't just fight monsters, as you may become a sorcerer in the face of another school. When that happens, it's up to you to decide whether to go into battle with him. If the fight finally occurs, everything proceeds in the same way as in a duel with a monster, just in this case, two-player phases alternate. In addition, other players can bet on who wins, which can bring them some extra money. That is, if he bets on the right sorcerer.

A really interesting piece is starting to hatch from this record. The game has nice visuals, well-crafted thumbnails, and even pretty well thought out game mechanics. But we will find out how it all turns out during the Kickstarter campaign, where we will finally be able to look into the rules and see the rest of the game. The Witcher: Old World will arrive on Kickstarter during May, and before that happens, you can check out a few new monsters below.

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