Monster Hunter Rise looks like a strong Switch successor to World


Monster Hunter live broadcast revealed a number of new monsters and details about the game, including the fact that a new ability will let you ride monsters (an ability you can test in the demo).The demo weighs in at 1.6GB, and quests can be played a maximum of 30 times before its February 1 closure date. The Monster Hunter Rise digital event is over, and now Capcom wants to hear folks thoughts about it in a survey. The company revealed the questionnaire on Twitter immediately after the stream, which focused on the upcoming demo, ended. Rather than just focusing on the game itself, this Monster Hunter survey asks about the digital event too. After cursory questions about who you are and where you live, the survey will ask about your gaming habits. In particular, it asks about the systems you use most and which Monster Hunter games you have played. Then, the Monster Hunter survey focuses on the event itself. It will ask if you watched it, how you heard about it, what you thought about it, and if it made you want to buy the game. The questionnaire end with rather predictable questions. It will ask which Monster Hunter Rise elements shown in the video interested you most and what you’d want to see in future presentations, for example. Monster Hunter Rise will come to the Nintendo Switch on March 26, 2021. The demo appeared on January 7, 2021, according to the official Twitter account. Monster Hunter Stories 2 is also in development for the Nintendo Switch and will launch in 2021. Nintendo has confirmed the their eshop down but the outage is now over, and now we can access the Nintendo eShop (and download the Monster Hunter demo). The Nintendo eShop is currently down for unscheduled emergency maintenance, which may be due to demand for the recently released Monster Hunter Rise demo. The eShop has been down for at least 4 hours at time of writing, with Nintendo's Japanese customer support Twitter account repeatedly apologising for the issues, but offering no timescale for a fix. While neither Nintendo or Capcom has specifically commented on the connection, the outage coincides with the release of the demo for Monster Hunter Rise, which includes two quests and two tutorials for the upcoming Switch exclusive.

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