More and more websites don't support Firefox

Japan's NHK previously announced that its video platform NHK + will stop supporting the Firefox browser after May 23. The website recommends users use the latest version of Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or Safari browser.

A Japanese netizen said, "It is confirmed that NHK+ cannot be fully played on Firefox 102.0.1 (Snap version, Ubuntu 22.04 LTS). It can be played normally in the Brave browser."

Recently, Apple's business website "" has also excluded Firefox from the scope of support. Using Firefox to open the website will display "Your browser is not supported". All the latest versions of Firefox will display this message. Includes Firefox Stable, Firefox ESR, and Firefox Nightly.

The Apple Business website states that it is recommended to use Apple Business Manager with the latest version of Safari, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, or Chrome browsers. But here Firefox actually does not work.

Firefox users can bypass Apple Commerce's blocking of the web browser by changing the browser's User Agent (UA). The user agent is often used as an identifier, which may reveal the browser's name and version, among other information.

When the user changes the Firefox user agent to Chrome, the Apple Commerce website loads a login prompt, showing that the website can be logged in normally.

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