More equality: the big, missed opportunity of teleworking?

In the world of work, the technology sector is often the most promising and still predominantly male, especially in technical positions. What has to change? A contribution from Evgeniya Naumova, Vice President Global Sales Network at Kaspersky.

A 2018 Kaspersky survey shows that only eleven percent of cybersecurity experts are women. The teleworking revolution that we are currently experiencing as a result of the pandemic could help. The latest study from February shows: Almost half of the women surveyed said they prefer to work from home, citing points such as better efficiency or autonomy. Above all, 46 percent stated that gender equality would be facilitated as all teams worked remotely. However, 63 percent of mothers who work in the tech industry say they have done more housework and childcare than their partners since March 2020.

As a result, 47 percent of women in the emerging tech sector believe their careers have been delayed by the pandemic. While the economic impact affects the whole world, women are proportionally more affected. The World Economic Forum even shows that on an international scale, gender inequalities have increased over the past year.

Businesses, attitudes, and education need to change

However, there has also been progressing in recent years. Both nationally and internationally, many companies and organizations are being mobilized to remove barriers that prevent women from being better represented in technology. Overcoming this challenge not only requires a change in the existing structures but also in behavior and attitudes in many areas. This ranges from working models to training and board members. Women are aware of the great career opportunities that the digital sector offers.

But they lack female role models with whom they can identify. Fortunately, there is progress here too. More than 56 percent of the women surveyed have seen improvements in their companies in terms of gender equality in the past two years. And: In fact, the number of women in management positions and IT departments have increased.

Kaspersky stands for change

As a company, Kaspersky tries to support behavioral changes by creating an inspiring work atmosphere that encourages women to develop their potential. More women in management positions create more role models who can pass on their professional experience. The focus must be on education and changing family and social stereotypes that force women into more traditional jobs rather than allowing them to work in rapidly growing areas such as technology. Only then will the new freedom of remote working also offer new opportunities for women.

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