More than a quarter of Canadians invest in cryptocurrency

A recent study found that more than a quarter of Canada's residents invests in cryptocurrencies. A study commissioned by Hardbacon showed that 28% of respondents have cryptocurrency in their portfolios.

Basically, these are Bitcoin and Ethereum, which 85% and 75% of respondents have, respectively. In addition, 13.3% said they own so-called meme shares.

Despite this prevalence of cryptocurrency, only less than 5% of respondents rate Bitcoin as a safe investment. For comparison, for stocks and government bonds, this indicator was respectively 21% and 65%.

As for the survey itself, it was conducted from June 5 to July 14 this year. The survey involved 506 people over 18 years old. Of course, the survey is not too voluminous, and it was conducted online, so it is still incorrect to project it onto all residents of Canada.

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